Meet Kimberley Comeaux

Kimberley Comeaux is the author of 12 romance books.

Springton, Texas Series:
One Last Chance
Courtin' Patience
Susannah's Secret
The Sheriff and the Outlaw

A Heart of a Child
Love Afloat


Full Novels:
Texas Belles
Regency Brides
(Out in 2006)

Regency Series:
The Vicar's Daughter
The Engagement
Remember Me
A Gentleman's Kiss
(Out in 2006)

Along with writing, Kim has toured the US as a contemporary Christian artist with her husband, taught school in both music and computers, coached Cheerleading, and has worked as a secretary/accountant from time to time.  Now, she is working at a church near New Orleans, LA where her husband is the pastor. She directs their awesome gospel choir and is designs and maintains the churches website.

After seven award winning novels, Kim's TEXAS BELLES novel reached all the way to #3 on the Christian Bestseller List in 2004! It was also one of the top selling Christian novels within the Wal-mart stores. She also traveled to Orlando, FL to attend the Christian Booksellers Convention where she signed copies of her TEXAS BELLES novel. During the convention she got to meet the infamous Colonel Oliver North, TD Jakes (pastor and author of "Cover Girls"), and Hal Lindsay who wrote "The Late Great Planet Earth".

Born and raised in Louisiana, Kim often uses her home-town as a fictional setting for her books.  Her husband Brian, her  son Tyler, and she have lived all over the United States working in churches as Music Ministers, including Pensacola, FL, Nashville, Las Vegas and Dallas, TX, and even in Canada.  They now are back to their roots, and living in Louisiana where her husband is a pastor at Victory Christian Center in Houma.  Visit their website!

Kim enjoys reading, painting, designing WebPages and singing in her spare time.  And she loves to hear from the readers of the Romanzwriter! 


written by: Kimberley Comeaux 1997 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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